The Curious Baby Magpie - Ben

The Curious Baby Magpie

Sunday 30 April 2017

I was out at Blacksmiths Beach earlier this week trying to capture a sunrise. It was not one of those perfect sunrise days. There were large banks of cloud on the horizon with clear skies above. As a result the light was flat and dull. After giving the sky all the time I could, I decided it was time to pack up my tripod and take a walk along the beach to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph. 

As I was packing up I felt a presence close behind me. I turned and looked and saw a baby magpie standing not two feet away looking up at me, watching. The magpie seemed to be totally unafraid of me. 

I picked up my camera and took a few photos. 

Seeing that the magpie was unafraid of me I changed lenses to my 70-200 f/4 to see if I could get some nice close up photos. I was really amazed how friendly the magpie was. It was also interesting that he was alone. There were no other magpies around at the time. 

Anyway, with the new lens on I took some close up photos of him. The photo below is a cropped version of my best photo. 

Eventually the baby magpie took off and I finished packing up before taking a walk along the beach. Soon after I noticed the baby magpie was back, but this time he was with about five other magpies. Also there were some seagulls around and they were all sifting through the seaweed looking for food. 

As I was watching the surf I heard the screeching of a magpie and a seagull and turned around to see the baby magpie take off after a seagull who was in flight. Who knows what started the disagreement, but the magpie seemed intent on catching the seagull. I got the camera up and took a few photos. It was fairly obvious that the seagull was the better flyer being able to bank sharply in the end with the magpie unable to follow. 

The photo below captures the seagulls escape by banking sharply. The perspective of the photo is interesting as it looks like the magpie is laying on the sand. What the photo actually captures is the magpie flying just above the sand as the seagull banks away.  

In the end the seagull won and flew off with the magpie returning to his family. 

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